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Legacy Fleet Management

Legacy Fleet Management Powered by Inchcape Fleet Solutions


Inchcape Fleet Solutions will carefully manage your transition from an existing Fleet supplier. We will oversee supplier performance and ensure the smooth and efficient transfer of service, making certain that costs are controlled. 

What is included?

  • All calls for existing suppliers will be fielded by Inchcape Fleet Solutions employees
  • Inchcape Fleet Solutions will liaise with the outgoing supplier to co-ordinate any maintenance work required
  • Inchcape Fleet Soutions will handle any queries relating to those vehicles
  • Legacy vehicles will be available on Inchcape Fleet Solutions online reporting function Inchcape Fleet Insight
  • Agreed documentation relevant to legacy vehicles would come via Inchcape Fleet Solutions
  • Agreed end of contract charges will come via Inchcape Fleet Solutions for review prior to payment

What are the benefits?

  • A seamless transition for employees as a result of the change
  • A seamless transition for fleet contacts
  • Improved reporting function from day 1
  • Clear ownership of queries and data management
  • Improved data accuracy in P11D and P46 reporting
  • Better control of costs due to Inchcape Fleets management of invoices