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Grey Matters Driver Safety

Inchcape Fleet Solutions recognises that the purpose of your fleet is not just solely as a mode of transport. We understand that your company cars can also directly affect the morale, motivation and retention of your workforce and therefore we have designed our driver services to relieve the burden of administration whilst giving drivers,as well as fleet managers, a positive and rewarding experience.

Our Grey Matters product ensures that the safety of your drivers is at the heart of everything that you do on a daily basis. The system Inchcape Fleet Solutions offers is an all-encompassing Duty of Care programme for all driver populations. It supports a range of services from initial driver licence checking direct with the DVLA, risk assessment, tailored driver training through to full company fleet safety audit. Duty of Care also assists companies whose employees are required to undertake business journeys using their own vehicle either because they have opted to take a cash allowance or use their own personal vehicle, known as Grey Fleet Drivers. We have combined our operational capability with the services of an experienced risk consultant partner who specialise in fleet safety, driver risk assessment and driver training.

Services include:

A full grey fleet check to verify:

  • Valid MOT
  • Valid Road Fund Licence
  • V5 check
  • Business insurance
  • Service record details

Also included:

  • DVLA Driver Licence verification
  • Online assessment and driver training